Earth first

the constant
about the impact
your decisions have
on planet Earth

Without a healthy Earth, everything ends. And because it’s our only one, we seriously need to change our whole thinking. Coming from an era of individualism and capitalism, we need to be far more aware of the impact our decisions have our planet. This flag reminds us constantly we need to be thinking of the Earth first.

The Blue Dot aims to be a unifying, non-political symbol of hope, for everyone who feels connected to this beautiful planet. For everyone who wants to help raising awareness and protect her in these transformative times.

Free to use —

for everyone
who aims to protect the Earth

There are many ways to act in tough times. The idea behind the flag is that we all need something to hold on to for support. Something that makes us realize we are not the only one with worries about the future. That we are in on this together. And that can help us to show we care. And act. 

At the same time such a symbol also helps with bundling all of our own efforts. And when we join forces by waving this flag, it becomes greater than the sum of its parts. A growing stream of awareness will help to convince others to change their behaviour or rethink their acts and their effects on the wellbeing of this planet.


When can I wave the Blue Dot?
Whenever you think or feel the Earth can use your help, you are entitled to wave the flag! There are no rules or demands. The only thing we hope for is that you do what you can, to contribute to a better and healthier planet. And we strongly belief that if we all do our best, it will make a big impact.
Where can I get this flag?
If you donate €25,- (+ shipping costs) to the foundation, we'll send you a Blue Dot Flag as fast as we can! See the SUPPORT page for further information.
Can I use the Blue Dot for commercial use?
No, you can't. The flag is here to help raising awareness, not to make money. 
But then why do you charge me €25,-?
First and foremost, to produce the flag that we'll send you. After that there is a little bit left, that we can use very well to increase the visibility of the flag, find better ways of producing the flag and support educational projects, to spread the flags in schools. 
Can I make my own Blue Dot?
Ofcourse you can! The Earth is yours, so is this flag. If you want to create your own flag, you can download the right colours and dimensions underneath.

Join us —

and be part
of the team

Blue Dot Flag Collective

Michiel de Blaey – production team
Ties Bonekamp – local support
Tijs Bonekamp – concept & design
Chris Dalhuizen – R&D and flag propagator
Joost van Grinsven – production team
Rick Jongerius – production team
Hilde Streuper – production team

Inititiated by

Tijs Bonekamp

Care to join?

For sure we can use all the help we can get, to protect this beautiful planet.


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