Support the flag

You can give this initiative a boost by making a donation to our non-profit Blue Dot Flag Foundation, which will help spreading the flag to create more awareness. And if you donate 30,- or more we will send you a Blue Dot Flag, so you can wave your own! That way you help even more with raising awareness. For the earth and for every living creature on this beautiful planet!

(or use your own bank app)

And please send us an e-mail with your payment and address details and we will send you your own Blue Dot Flag right away! Thank you.

Blue Dot Flag Foundation
(Bunq Bank: NL46BUNQ2043929208)

What happens with your donation?

Since the Blue Dot Flag Foundation is non-profit organisation, you can be sure every cent will be spent on our goals. Right now we have 3 things we focus on.


By spreading the Blue Dot, we raise awareness. More flags mean more awareness. And to spread more flags means we need to produce them in order to have a stock. Of which you can have one, if you make donation. But with your donation we do more.

A 100% eco-friendly flag

Although the current flag is completely produced from recycled plastics, we want to take it step further: a 100% biodegradable flag! Unfortunately the current production methods are optimised from a cost- and durability point of view. And at the moment not suitable for working with biodegradable fabrics. But that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. And who knows; if we can get our flag eco-friendly, maybe other flags will benefit from it too?


And then there are the future generations. Our children will have to live with whatever we leave behind for them. By preparing them as good as possible, hopefully we can equip them with the right knowledge, drive and focus to be up for the task.